Organising Your Jewellery So You Actually Bother To Wear It!

The other day I was spending my usual, unhealthy, amount of time scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest; dreaming wistfully of delicate rose gold necklaces, multiple intricately stacked rings, statement ear cuffs and hoping that one day I’ll put in some hoop earrings and not immediately take them out thinking ‘no, hoops are Regina George’s thing not mine’.


I Really Do Try…

Every time I go shopping it takes a lot of self-control not to pick up all the earrings, bracelets and necklaces I see. I wish, and this is a sincere wish, that I could be one of those people on Instagram or Pinterest who are out for a coffee and can just take a ‘details’ pic of their hand because it is perfectly adorned with just the right amount of jewellery.

And I really do try, I buy all the right things, in fact when I do wear it I feel I can style jewellery pretty darn well. But and it’s a big but… I forget. To be honest if it isn’t permanently attached to me I will probably have forgotten to put it on after I take it of to sleep, shower or exercise.

My jewellery box is packed full of necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings that I continually fail to remember to wear.


It All Began When…

It’s been an issue for me since I was 12 and discovered Claire’s Accessories! Buying packs of two dozen plasticky earrings and long beaded necklaces I never seemed to actually wear the blasted things (although let’s not pretend that’s something I should regret!).

So now it is time for me to offer some advice so that, learning from my laziness, you can stop filling your jewellery box with necklaces that just end up  a complicated twist of knots and actually start wearing Instagram worthy jewellery every day!


Cutting Down

Firstly, you need to cut down your quantities. If like me your jewellery box is over flowing… You need to cut down. Because on the rare morning when you think ‘I feel like wearing some jewellery today’, having too much choice is an instant turn off. You have to decide out of 20+ different pairs of earrings which you want to wear today.

With fewer choices your decisions will be quicker and much easier to make. Just like many of the most stylish and effortlessly cool people in this world probably have a capsule wardrobe, those with a capsule jewellery box probably wear a lot more jewellery than those who own twice as many pieces.


Getting Organised

Second, keep it simple and keep it separate. If you only have a minute to decide what jewellery to wear that morning you aren’t going to bother if your intended necklace is entwined with 5 others.

So it isn’t jut good enough to reduce the quantity you should probably organise your jewellery. Day and night. Simple and statement. Itches your ears and doesn’t. Gold and silver. However you choose, choose it because it makes your choice easier!

Have the pieces you want to access regularly separate from those you will only wear every so often. That way you will never be cut short in your intentions by a tangled mess or not being able to find the other earring.


Budget Buys

Thirdly, choose your budget jewellery carefully. The trick to buying cheap jewellery is to choose pieces that will work well with your expensive and sentimental pieces. I personally have many rings and necklaces that have been bought for me on special occasions or that I have inherited and for me it is important that I get use out of these pieces.

However I often find that they don’t always scream fashion and for me this is where high street jewellery comes into its own. I can buy rings, necklaces or bracelets that I can layer up with my more precious pieces making them more in vogue.

An advantage to this is that I rarely feel guilty about throwing bits away and changing up my jewellery box on a regular basis. This keeps my collection interesting and makes me excited, and as a result less likely to forget, to wear my jewellery.


Think Before You Buy

Fourthly, whether it costs £2 or £200 it is important to try and avoid buying jewellery on a whim. This is a trap I used to fall into and it only increased the amount of jewellery not the amount of time I spent wearing it! Really think before you buy a piece of jewellery.

Ask yourself:

  • What outfits would it match?
  • What other jewellery would it work with?
  • Will it be comfortable to wear (anyone else have the hair and chain crisis regularly?)?
  • And do you like it?

If you can answer these questions positively then it is probably worth buying. It’s fun to change up your jewellery collection and as I said in point two it will probably make you want to wear jewellery more.


Making A Statement

Finally, be fussy when it comes to statement necklaces.

These are pieces I rarely forget to wear, usually because I am getting dressed up and they are integral to my outfit. Because fashions constantly change I am always buying new statement necklaces for nights out. For this reason none of the statement necklaces in my collection cost me more than £15 and yet I have never left the house in one and not had a compliment for it.

One of my most complimented is a £4 Primark bargain. The trick is to look carefully at what you’re buying. It should have weight to it, or look like it has some weight to it and that it won’t bend if someone were to knock it!

You should also check the gems, how are they attached? Are the settings strong? Because there is not much worse than buying a necklace and then finding a stone missing when you next wear it. What is more irritating however is the chain breaking and why you should always check the thickness, strength and connections of the chain links.

Only the other day bought a body chain on a whim only to have it snap after someone walked past and caught their jacket button in it!


Trying Something New

I hope that these points can help you on the way to opening your jewellery box a little more, trying something new and maybe even rocking an Instagram worthy hand without having to spend wasted minutes finding pieces that match your outfit, untangling necklaces, finding an odd earring or wondering how you should style the pieces you own!

If you have any questions about the pieces in my collection I’m happy to answer questions.


10 Products I Swear By.


If you are a lazy beauty addict like me I can confidently say that you have products that you continually rely on or fall back to using.

It is important to try new things, in fact needing to buy and try new products is to be expected if you watch and read as many beauty blogs as I do! However I have found that there are some products that I just love to use.

These products have found their way into my heart mostly due to the fact that they make my life easier. They are not beauty hacks and not always specific products just 10 things I would never dream of not having in my beauty cupboard at all times (well if I did dream that, it would more likely be called a nightmare!). So here we go!

One : Cleansing Balms

I started using cleansing balms around 2 years ago and it is safe to say I am never going back to any other form of make up removal. Not only do they remove your make up with minimal fuss but they leave my skin feeling amazing.

Compared to other forms of make up removal cleansing balms are far more portable than oil or liquid make up removers, you don’t need to buy cotton pads and unlike wipes it cannot dry out your skin. My current two favourites are the Body Shop cleansing butter and the Emma Hardie moringa cleansing balm.


Two: Foaming Cleansers

Here is something you should know about me: I am just plain awful at maintaining a skin routine. So to try and create some semblance of skin care I decided that I would wash my face in the shower, this for me has really made a difference and I would recommend adding your favourite face wash to your shower routine.

My favourite to use is the Boscia detoxifying black cleanser. It heats up on your face and it doesn’t sting my eyes (from experience this should be a priority for an in shower face wash)!


Three: Seche Vite Top Coat

This. Is. The. Best. Top. Coat. EVER. I would leave it at that but perhaps a short explanation why could be useful! It dries fast and hard. It has helped my chipping problems but in the main its appeal lies in the fact that I  can paint my nails put on some Seche Vite and wait half the time for it my polish to dry hard allowing me to get on with the rest of my day.

Four: A Four Sided Nail File

Anyone else have that issue that they commit a nice amount of time to painting their nails only to find a day or so after they could peel the polish off in a whole piece? Furthermore does anyone else have that uncontrollable urge to just go right ahead and peel it all off?! Well I do, and it is beyond irritating.

However a few months ago I had a lot of time on my hands so I decided to spend a lot of time on my hands! Taking the four sided nail file that everyone owns, and lets be honest no one can ever be bothered to use I buffed, polished, shined and then painted my nails. A week passed, with a few chips but no peeling!

To be honest I didn’t at first make the connection, I thought it was the polish. But after awhile I came to use my file more and more and now I would never paint my nails without first having a quick rub with the buff, polish and shine bars!

Five: Nude Eyeshadows

In contrast to the hours I could spend getting ready for a night out or a party, using all the sparkly and beautiful products I can’t pull off everyday, when it comes to my daily make up routine I am rarely known to spend more than 10 minutes on my face.

However I find that when it comes to my eyes a quick layer of mascara just doesn’t cut it for me. As a result nude eyeshadow has become a staple of my make up bag, a quick swipe over of a pinky nude followed by a dab of a darker colour in my crease and I’m set. I am currently in love with this palette from Tarte.


Six: Eyeliner

Following on from the last my eye make up would not exist if it wasn’t for eyeliner and this has made it into this post as I have used the same eyeliner, Rimmel scandaleyes, since I was 14 and doing my make up on the bus to school. It’s perfect for both the water line and creating a quick top line and although I do use a different eyeliner for the top line when I want a cleaner look. I am never without this eyeliner, it has not failed me yet.

Seven: Mascara

I don’t believe I would have to convince anyone, beauty addict or not, of the importance of mascara. So I’m probably just going to leave this one to speak for itself!

Eight: Concealer

Going back to my sheer laziness when it comes to my daily make up regime concealer often replaces foundation for me. Unlike eyemakeup, which is a necessity, it often depends on my skin as to whether I go all out on the foundation or go bare. But usually if I am a little red, tired or have a few rogue spots I will just pop some concealer on the bad bits, blend it in and done. As far as I am concerned there is only one concealer I reach for in this instance and that is the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer.

Nine: ReGen Cream

I love this stuff. Sometimes my skin gets fed up of the daily and nightly moisturisers I (attempt to) use regularly. It’s at this point where I fall back on this old favourite. ReGen is cheap, light and moisturising and on the plus side has more than one function being good for not just your face but everything from dry patches and stretch marks to tattoos!


Ten: Hairbands and Bobby Pins

I debated with myself for a while whether to put these in my top ten or not but in the end I decided if I was being honest and putting in products I rely upon and use religiously they had to be included.

Not a day goes by where I don’t end up needing to throw up my hair and not a handbag leaves my house with me unless I have a little purse with clips and hair bands in. I have also currently started buying KITSCH hair ties as they are comfy and actually look cool on your wrists!

For me hair bands are so integral in assisting my laziness when it comes to beauty I couldn’t really have left them off this list.


I really hope you made it to the end of this post! And that you enjoyed it/ found it useful.  I would be really interested to hear from other beauty addicts out there. What are your go to products, the ones you could not imagine being without?

Welcome to the lazy beauty addict.

Are you one of those people who read beauty blogs, watch beauty vloggers, read all the magazines, want all the products? Well I am. But like me are you also one of those people who, whilst owning multiple different foundations don’t even wear make up everyday?! Do you have all the best intentions of looking as effortlessly cool as the people on your Instagram feed but after buying that set of rings and planning on wearing them everyday you only ever seem to manage to put them on for special occasions, because wearing them all day requires you to remember to actually put them on in that half hour window you have given yourself to get showered and dressed?!  Is setting out a regular and committed skin routine a weekly resolution for you and not just one you make in the new year (Monday always goes well but by the time you get to Thursday you just don’t seem to want to spend a half hour cleansing, toning and moisturising  when you could be using it to continue your Netflix binge)?! And, despite having copious nail polishes, do you rarely bother to paint your nails because they are only going to chip?!

This is the kind of person I am. I love beauty in fact I can easily admit that I am addicted. I spend half my life watching and reading beauty and fashion related things and I probably spend the other half buying all the products and thinking ‘I should probably get more’. However I have come to notice over the past couple of months that I will never be able to match the perfectly styled beauty bloggers for one key reason. I’m lazy. I don’t want to spend half an hour doing my make up every day, I don’t, no matter how hard I try, have a regular skin care routine and although I would love to spend the day looking like I have stepped out of Vogue I always seem to jump back to clothes that I know look good on me. I would be greatly surprised if there were not others out there like me in this world and this is my reason for starting this blog. I want to show people that you can love beauty, you can enjoy it even, without spending a fortune of time and money and without feeling guilty about spending your free Sunday afternoon watching TV rather than following a bath and full body exfoliation with face masks and nail art.

This is the blog for the lazy beauty addict. The low maintenance girl with a high maintenance obsession.